Making a Difference with NFTs
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Phase 1 = .02 ETH per NFT + Gas - Mint up to 20 NFTs per wallet
*Gas fees apply to all minting which we do not control or recieve.
Gas Fees automatically reduced per NFT the more you mint.


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MAGADON is our way of giving back to the community of Patriots who take a stand despite being ridiculed and segregated for speaking the truth. When our Country has brave men and women who fight against illegal activity only to find themselves unsupported and struggling, that is not okay! We support Patriotic people and causes which improve our Country and stand for the Freedom our Constitution proclaims. Inspired by the fearless men and women who have stood up for our rights, we are thrilled to support Americans through this project!

Fair Launch

Our minting is in numerical order. When you mint through our launch you will not be able to choose a specific NFT but will receive the next available NFT in the collection. PLEASE NOTE: our traits were distributed in random order so the numerical order minting style could reduce gas fees while giving you the opportunity to mint a rare NFT from our collection.

For you to participate you will need to have a crypto wallet setup (We recomend Trust Wallet) with enough Ethereum to cover the NFT Fair Launch price plus gas fees. You can mint up to 20 NFTs per wallet for .02eth for Phase 1.

Collection Distribution

8,500 will be available for the fair launch.

1,055 are for voting on to give away to people the community would like to support.
• Community Giveaways
• Debt Freedom
• Whistle Blowers
• Pro Life
• Legal fight for freedoms
• Political Influencers

350 Resource & Community Building & Giveaways

100 Reserved for Team

NOTE: Our Giveaway NFTs will be distributed 2 per weekend for 10 years and voted on by holders.


My name is Lillian Day. I am the creator of this collection. I am an author and serial entrepreneur. I have been in marketing over a decade and this project is one of my absolute favorites I have ever worked on.

As a Patriot I wanted to create something that would make a difference and I believe this will be one of many vehicles we can use to support Making American Great Again Today. I don't want to keep waiting for the one day that American is Great Again, we need to start now.

Debt Relief Plan

The more debt we are in, the more work we have to do, therefore the less time we spend being aware of what's going on around us. The Bible states that the borrower is a slave to the lender. This is about freedom. Join us in our strategy for helping others get out of debt.


Debt Forgiveness

For every dollar raised through our fair launch and ongoing royalty fees (10% of each sale), we pledge to match (dollar for dollar) and purchase American-owned debt to completely forgive that debt at no cost to the debtor. The more debt we are in, the more work we have to do, the less time we spend being aware of what's going on around us. We believe this is a huge step as the Bible states that the borrower is a slave to the lender. This is about freedom!

Seeing Families Debt Free

A large goal we hope to accomplish is to get families completely debt free. We can't predict the long term trading value of this collection but it is out hope that each NFT can help bring some kind of financial freedom to every holder. We are committed to growing this community and continue to add value to our holders with this desire driving our direction and efforts.


ADDITIONAL ASSETS: Freckles, Eyes and Surprise

Hair NFT Assets
48 Options
Skin NFT Assets
11 Options
Headwear NFT Assets
4 Styles & 30 colors & 19 Words
Facial Hair NFT Assets
Facial Hair
15 Combinations
Eyebrow NFT Assets
3 Options
Eyewear NFT Assets
30 Options


Creating the MAGADON NFT collection started as a desire to create resources and funding for Patriots in need. So the drawing began...Tracking the MAGADON progress... We have several unscheduled surprise projects you can view in the section below. We hope to release according to the success of this project. All projects will add value and support the community.

Future Projects

We have several planned projects that we believe will benefit this community and the Country. Some projects will be easy to accomplish while others will depend on the growth of this community. Because we are unable to commit to anything until after we launch, we will give an overview of our future goals and enjoy releasing the details as we are able to commit to doing them. Note: By sharing these ideas we aren't committing to anything or guaranteeing any amount of success of this or any future projects. We are simply sharing the direction we hope to be able to move in.


Future NFT Collections

We have 6 scheduled NFT collections. The next we will release is MAGADONNA. We will announce an opportunity to participate in a snapshot for MAGADON holders who will gain access to our forever launch list, where you will receive early access to mint new collections.


We would like to start putting educational courses together to bring truth back to learning. This will be really exciting when we are able to reach this goal!

Open Source Funding

We would like to create and fund resources to remove the centralized control of our current technology.

Food Project

We want to be a part of adding additional food resources for local communities.